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What’s the score? Express Entry cutoff scores for Canada

Keeping score has always been on our to-do list whether we are watching our favorite sports team play or we are calculating how many times we have tricked someone, opposed to them tricking us. However, if you are applying for Express Entry to Canada, the only score you probably have your eyes on is the cutoff score in the Express Entry draws.

Forums and groups on social media are full of questions regarding whether or not the cutoff score will come down when it recently hit a record high of 470. However, the recent draw with a cutoff score of 462 has somewhat quelled the upsurge. Yet, some applicants still remain skeptical.

If you haven’t checked whether you qualify for Express Entry yet, please do so now here, so you can begin exploring your options.

If you have and you now know your score or potential score, let’s look at what scores have been like since January to calculate your chances of making the cut.

January Cutoff Score

The first Express Entry draw this year  took place on January 9th. It had a cutoff score of 449.  The score slightly decreased in the next draw that saw a score of 443. The last cutoff score for January 2019 was for the draw on January 30th – 438. That is a full 11 point fluctuation in one month, making the trend very optimistic for many potential applicants.

This shows that cutoff scores vary in upward and downward trends and scores do not have to necessarily move upward in subsequent draws- like some candidates believe.

February Cutoff Score

February only saw one Express Entry draw, on February 20th with a cutoff score of 457. This was considerably higher than the score in the last draw- dampening the hopes of many applicants.

The proceeding trend in March however reduced their worry as scores began to plummet.

March Cutoff Score

There were two Express Entry draws in March, the first on March 6th had a cutoff score of 454 while March 20th gave a cutoff score of two points less- 452. Although scores were not extremely volatile, the slight decrease did qualify many applicants who were not able to make the first cut.

However, scores had slightly increased since January which was a worrisome trend for hundreds of applicants.

April Cutoff Score

In April, the Express Entry cutoff score decreased a bit more to 451 on April 3rd. April 17th kept the score steady at 451 without a decrease or an increase. While this may not have been good news for those who were hoping for the score to come down, it wasn’t bad news either for prospective applicants as the score had not increased substantially.

This kept the doors open for those hoping for the score to decrease in the future.

May Cutoff Score

On May 1st, the Express Entry draw cutoff score was 450- a small decrease of one point. On May 15th, there was a draw for Federal Skilled Trades only which had a cutoff score of 332 while the last draw of the month, on May 29th is what got Express Entry applicants talking- a cutoff score of 470.

Now, applicants were worried that the score would only increase or minutely decrease in the near future. 470 is a high score that many high-value applicants meeting educational requirements, high IELTS scores, and within the highest scoring age limit of under 35 are not able to easily attain.

This caused an upsurge of worry that most applicants would not be able to make it this year- or perhaps ever. Yet, this is far from the case.

June Cutoff Score

June was reassuring for Express Entry applicants as the major shock that the previous cutoff score of 470 gave potential applicants, was reduced. On June 12th, the score decreased to 465, giving a small breath of fresh air to those who were holding their horses for the past few months.  

Later on in the month, the score further decreased to 462.

July Cutoff Score

The July 10th Express Entry draw came with even better news for aspiring Express Entry applicants. The score was at 460- a downward trend again. Hopes are high among those who are waiting for the score to decrease a bit more.

However, many applicants still seem to be unsure of their future. Are you one of them?

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In the future, applicants to Express Entry can expect the scores to reduce and be a tad bit volatile in the upward or downward direction. It is worthy to note that your Express Entry profile is valid for one year, which means that applicants with a score of about 450 or over may get lucky in subsequent draws this year. Even if you do not make it in Express Entry, you can still be eligible for provincial nominee programs.

Hold tight as your turn may be soon! Meanwhile, you can work on improving your score by scoring well in the IELTS. For tips and tricks, click here. For more information regarding Express Entry, click here.

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