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Do immigrants actually get jobs in Canada?

Canada’s Express Entry program has allowed multitudes of immigrants into the country and given them permanent residency. However, with all good things, come the bad. Or at least that’s what everyone tends to believe. Many believe that jobs in Canada are scarce and that affects their immigration plans.

Many potential immigrants are skeptical about the move because they believe that when they get to Canada, they will have to start from the beginning. They also tend to believe that there are high chances of remaining unemployed for a long time or having to take up small jobs way below their caliber- completely sabotaging the Canadian Dream they had in mind.

While moving to a new country may not be a piece of cake, it isn’t as hard as rumored. Moreover, Canada is at an all-time high with employment and the economy is constantly growing, which is why more immigrants are invited each year. Nearly all immigrants are currently employed and living the Canadian dream.

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Here are the facts about jobs in Canada to put you at ease:

Unemployment at record low

At the end of May 2019, Statistics Canada released the monthly Jobs Report which showed that Canada’s unemployment rate was at 5.4%- lowest since 1976. This, of course, includes immigrants, which means that more than 90% of the people who immigrate are able to find work and settle down.

Because of high life expectancy, Canada’s population is aging and the country also has a low birth rate. This means that the immense potential and labor shortage must be filled by immigrants- and that is exactly what is happening. Canada is not short on jobs and immigrants do have a high chance of landing one soon after immigrating.

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Increase in jobs

Jobs in Canada are increasing as May witnessed monumental growth of over 100,000 jobs. This adds to the continuous growth that Canada has been experiencing over the years. From 2015 till now, over a million jobs have been added, marking Canada as one of the most prosperous economies in the world.

This growth is expected to continue which means that Canada is going to be a hot immigration choice for a long time!

High Minimum Wage:

Although most people immigrating via Express Entry won’t be working at minimum wage as they are highly skilled professionals, if Canada’s minimum wage is high, that means salaries for skilled professionals are too. Canada’s minimum wage is $10.96 an hour and is ahead of progressive countries such as Turkey and the United States.

Hence, dependants or growing children of skilled professionals who immigrate to Canada can also land part-time or full-time jobs according to their expertise and can rest assured that they will be paid well.

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Good luck!

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