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How Can I Choose Which Country to Immigrate To?

For the past several years, you have probably heard of numerous stories from family and friends regarding immigration applications – some are moving to Australia, others Canada, and some still consider the US to be the best choice. Of course, European countries and the UK are not completely off the map but opportunities for permanent residence are fewer and limited to businessmen in most cases rather than skilled workers. Moreover, people are not aware of the opportunities that the UK and EU offer for immigration, which is why they are not top of the list as countries to immigrate to for potential immigrants right now.

Skilled workers looking for better opportunities for themselves and their families may sometimes have a hard time deciding exactly which developed country to immigrate to. Since all of them offer opportunities for career growth and the quality of life outwardly appears to be similar, aspiring immigrants think there is little to base the decision on, except perhaps personal preferences.

However, there are a few factors which can help you choose which country is best for immigration- and most appropriate for your particular circumstances. Take a few minutes to ensure you are eligible to immigrate via the world’s most popular immigration programs here.

If you are eligible for multiple programs, congratulations and now you need to continue reading to be able to make a sensible and well-informed decision about where to immigrate to.


Canada is known for different climates in different areas which makes it essential to choose a climate which is favorable for you and your family. Some areas are colder than others while Toronto and Vancouver have sunnier weather. This is specifically important if you or an immediate family member has health conditions that aren’t suitable to extremely cold weather.

If you are eligible for Express Entry and free to choose any province to settle down in, you can work around this. Nevertheless, make sure you choose an area that also has jobs relevant to your expertise.

Your choices may be limited if you are applying through a provincial nominee program. If the province that selects you does not have favorable climate conditions or weather that you and your family could adjust to-  you might want to consider whether or not you qualify for Australia or New Zealand. Australia and New Zealand have a sunny climate, the type that exists in most countries, with reasonable winters.

Unemployment rate

One of the main problems many immigrants face is not being able to find a job in their area of specialty when they immigrate and having to work at minimum wage for a while. Although this is a reality, there are certain precautions that you can take in order to avoid the disenchantment of not being able to find a job of your caliber. Check the rate of unemployment in the industry you plan to work in, in the particular area that you plan to settle down in. For example, while Toronto may not need more marketing managers, Vancouver may. It is important to make the choice wisely.

Currently, Canada has a 5.8% unemployment rate nationally-which is pretty good. Australia also has approximately the same at 5% with seasonal adjustment. Both economies are growing. Hence, it is more important to focus on skill shortage and where your occupation is in demand the most in order to heighten the chances of settling down sooner.

Additional benefits

In a previous article, we mentioned how economic opportunity is not the only thing that people should consider when moving to Canada. Emphasizing upon that point again, when you are deciding upon which country to immigrate to, you can look at additional benefits that come with living there. This includes medical treatment, education, pensions and social security, taxes or tax amnesty, your rights as a permanent resident, and whether you are allowed to sponsor family.

For example, Australia has just allowed a one-year visa for grandparents and parents of permanent residents [need to fact check this one more time]. Canada allows you to sponsor immediate family members for permanent residence within 1 to 3 years of your residency.[fact check needed].

Having your family close by can really help in the adjustment process and prevent depression or homesickness. Moreover, the thought that your immediate family can join you soon is also highly comforting.

Family and Friends

Having a familiar face around or within a short flight can be surprisingly therapeutic. While having friends and family around may not be your first priority, it is understandable to  want to choose a country where you do know a few people already. This can be ideal in the case of emergencies when you need advice, just a break from things, or simply the thought that you know someone in your new country of residence can be motivation enough to ride out the tough times.

However, this should not be the only factor or even the most important factor considered when making a decision for immigration. Other factors such as unemployment rate, weather conditions, additional benefits, etc are equally, if not, more important.

Prioritize factors according to your goals and comfort level and then make a choice. Of course, you need to ensure the country that you choose is choosing you back- meaning you are eligible for immigration and your occupation is on the list of occupations in demand.

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You can also find more information regarding Australian Skill Select and Express Entry.

Choose wisely!

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