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Is an Immigration Lawyer All I Need?

Immigrating to a new country can be highly daunting and there can be numerous things that downright scare you. If you thought finding the right immigration lawyer was the most of your worries, that was probably a needle in a haystack when it comes to other things bothering you about Canada immigration.

Now your mind is probably worrying about bigger issues. Will I be able to find a job in Canada? How can I find reasonable accomodation? Are the people there polite? Is the climate suitable or will I just be sneezing all the time? These are just some of the questions that may be keeping you up at night.

However, these are genuine concerns. Although all of them can be solved with time, if they are on your mind, you are only one in thousands. Many people believe that you have to start all over again when you move to a new country- and that stands for career choices too.

If you get in touch with the wrong immigration lawyer, you may hear the same rant regarding starting all over again and being prepared for harsh obstacles. The same may be the case if you get in touch with the wrong people- those who don’t have complete information or access to the best resources.

Nevertheless, if you look in the right places, you can get there quicker and without hassle. While some immigration lawyers can only give you limited guidance regarding the process, Pursuit’s expert Immigration Coaches can give you a full-fledged solution. This includes guidance on all the issues bothering you such as employment and accomodation.

Your immigration lawyer is one form of reassurance if you are worried that you may go from hero to zero after immigration, here is more.

Jobs are Available

One of the biggest myths about jobs in Canada, is that there are none. Canada has a 5.4% unemployment rate which means that there are plenty of jobs in Canada for different experience levels. Yes, it may take some time for you to land the job you want but again that depends on luck, vacancies in your particular field and/or preference, and your interview skills. You may also be interested in this blog about other myths regarding Express Entry.

Ordinary immigration lawyers may not be able to help you in this regard, but Pursuit’s Immigration Coaches can help you with the whole Canada immigration process. This includes settling down and getting a job. Find out more here.

You can also begin your job search yourself before you move to Canada by using popular job portals for openings in your respective field. However, you may need an Immigration Coach to help you find the right employers, prepare for the interview, and get selected. Here is more about jobs in Canada from our blog.

Accommodation is Reasonable

If you want to live in a huge mansion near Niagara Falls, then you might be a tad bit on the expensive side, but if you have normal preferences like most people, you will be fine. There are more expensive cities and less expensive areas in Canada, and rent obviously depends on location. In Toronto, a 1-bedroom flat costs approximately $1,632 while in Vancouver the rent may be about $986.

Accordingly, even with an average salary in the beginning, you can afford a small cozy flat. If you have any friends going as well, you can always try and split the bill with one roommate. We don’t recommend more because usually housing regulations only allow you to have a certain number of roommates. The more the merrier doesn’t necessarily apply in this scenario.

The Cost of Living is Affordable

Of course, the cost of living in Canada may be much more than it is in your home country-but that’s because it is Canada and you are living on a completely different currency. Accordingly, you will be earning in a different currency as well (Canadian dollars), so there is nothing to worry about.

You should have enough money to support yourself while you look for work which is why all Express Entry applicants are required to show proof of funds for their initial settling down process. However, that amount is enough to get you through several months and there is a high chance of finding work before that. You can click here for a full cost of living guide so you can figure out how much your monthly expenses are likely to be when you do move to Canada.

Canadians are Extra Polite

Canadians being one of the nicest groups on the planet is no myth. Although, there may be certain reports of increasing racism in Canada, the crime rate is exceptionally low and immigrants do not face hate crimes or immense discrimination. Moreover, most people are very polite, friendly, and cooperative. They would love to lend you a helping hand and give you free advice regarding work, where to buy cheaper groceries, or where the best sale is, etc.

Hence, you are likely to blend right in with the hundreds of immigrants in your town. Canada is mostly immigrants so you will definitely not be alone!

Immigration lawyers may give you mixed information or may be limited in the ways they can help you in your journey. However, Pursuit has several programs that can help you immigrate quickly and without hassle- giving you guidance in several areas of immigration and settling down.

If you are ready to begin the ¬†immigration process, click here to see if you qualify for Express Entry or other immigration programs. You can also be eligible for provincial nominee programs. You don’t have to ask an immigration lawyer, when you can simply answer a few questions and get your results within minutes.

We hope Canada proves to be the best decision you ever made!  

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