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The Whys and Hows of Moving to Australia

As the 6th largest country in the world and 13th on the Prosperity Index, Australia is home to immigrants from around the globe. Australian immigration is a top choice because of better job opportunities, a higher standard of living, and- a nice sunny atmosphere. Add Australia’s beauty to the equation and you get a pretty attractive combination.

Who wouldn’t want to call it home?

In return, Australia has also opened its doors to immigrants to fulfill its diverse labor market needs and accommodate its skill shortage. For the past couple of years, immigrants from all over the world have been welcomed as permanent residents in the country, to total approximately 175,000 immigrants a year. This includes immigrants from India, China, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Philippines, Ireland, Vietnam, and of course, South Africa.

The quickest and most popular way to Australian immigration is through Australian Skill Select- an online points-based program for skilled workers. Candidates are assessed on a number of factors which include age, education, work experience, a valid job offer, and whether their occupation is on the In-Demand Occupation list. English fluency, financial stability, and details about your spouse’s education and work experience (if applicable) are also assessed.

However, before we run you through how it works and what is required, let’s first talk about why Australia should be your choice for immigration.

Why Australia?

As a large country with a lot of potential and plenty of investment, Australia has a huge skill shortage for which they continuously welcome foreign workers. While Australia fills its skill shortage, Australian immigrants benefit from a higher standard of living which includes but is not limited to exceptional Medicare facilities, comfortable accommodation, and a reliable public transport system.

Basic schooling is free which means the children of immigrants will always have access to world-class education and plenty of opportunities in a career of their choice. Since economic growth has been steady for the past few years, immigrants can expect new jobs to be created every year and an upward trajectory in growth and lifestyle. This is one of the main reasons Australian immigration is a top choice.

If you are looking for beauty, Australia scores big time! Pristine beaches, gorgeous unending mountains, and rich forests fill up the country- making it a sight for sore eyes. The weather is also adequate with slightly chilly winters and bright sunny summers- although it is usually winter in June and summer in December, opposed to the rest of the world.

The environment is easily adaptable and extremely hospitable for immigrants from all over the world.

If you are now convinced that Australia is the best country for you to immigrate to, let’s take a look at how Australian Skill Select works. 

How does Australian Skill Select Work?

There are 3 visa classes which you can qualify for under Australian Skill Select. Basically, it is a points-based system which assesses you based on age, educational qualifications, English language fluency, whether your occupation is listed on the Skilled Occupation List. and you receive extra points if you already have a job offer. There are other factors that can also influence your points which include your spouse’s age and educational qualifications, your financial position to support yourself and your family upon arrival in Australia etc.

Visa classes

Independent and Skilled Regional  (Provisional) Visas

You need to check the Skilled Occupation List to see if your occupation is currently in demand. If your occupation and skill level is mentioned on the list, you are eligible to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a skilled visa to Australia.

You will be assessed according to a number of factors and the highest scoring applicants will receive an invitation to apply.

Find out if you are eligible for Australian Skill Select here:

Skilled Nominated Visas

This visa category applies to workers who are in occupations/professions which are highly demanded and need to be filled immediately. Candidates must take a skills assessment which determines their Australian PR points and their eligibility to fill the skill shortage in the required fields.

Eligibility is determined by:

  • Age
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Inclusion of occupation on Visa Nomination Occupation List for Victoria or Visa Nomination Occupation List for Graduates
  • Skills Assessment
  • Job Offer
  • English language
  • Finances

and other factors!

Skilled Nominated/Sponsored Provincial Visa Class

This visa is applicable for people who want to move to and work in an area which has a low population in Australia. You need to submit an Expression of Interest and mention that you are applying for Australian skilled immigration through this visa category. Once your chosen state nominates you, you are given a two-year visa which can later translate to a permanent visa. You can also be sponsored by a relative living in the stated area.

First of all, you need to ensure that you qualify for one of the above mentioned visa classes and calculate your potential score. For more information regarding these visa classes, click here. Once you are sure you qualify, you need to start preparing to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

What do I need to prepare before I submit an Expression of Interest?

If you haven’t taken your IELTS language test yet, you can fill out the respective section with approximate scores. Pursuit’s PR tool will let you know if you qualify or have the potential to qualify (if you haven’t taken a language test and choose to enter approximate scores).

Before you submit an Expression of Interest, please make sure you have your IELTS scores, educational equivalence certificates, work experience letters, financial statements, and have been through a skills assessment. The assessment is to make sure you are qualified for the required position in Australia and competent in your chosen occupation.

Once your documents are ready, you can prepare your Expression of Interest.

How do I submit an Expression of Interest?

An Expression of Interest is an application stating that you would like to apply for a visa. If Skill Select finds your application acceptable, they will invite you to apply for a visa. In your Expression of Interest, you will have to submit information regarding the following:

  • Personal information (name, age, marital status, etc)
  • Profession
  • Work experience
  • Education;
  • English language proficiency
  • A skills assessment of your chosen occupation

When you register an EOI, you must log onto Skill Select online. Your application can be selected by Australian employers or chosen by different states and/or territory governments if you have expressed interest in Australian immigration through these options.

 Your EOI will be assessed to give you a total score-  that will rank you in the Skill Select system. If you are a high-scoring applicant or are chosen by an employer/state/territory you will be eligible for an Australian skilled visa and will be invited to apply for one.

You are required to submit your documents and respond within a stipulated time in order to be cleared for immigration. After a certain period of time in Australia, you are welcome to apply for permanent residency (PR).

What are my chances of getting selected?

Your chances of getting selected are based on your score and how highly demanded your occupation is. It also depends upon how many people are applying in that category with you and how well they score. Australia lets in an average of 175,000 immigrants a year and this includes people dependent on skilled workers (immediate family), while the number of skilled workers granted entry every year varies from 75,000 to a little over 100,000.

If you have a high score and a job offer on top of it, you are highly likely to get selected within as little as 90 days.

How can Pursuit help?

Pursuit is dedicated to making the immigration process simpler for potential immigrants like yourself. Our system allows you to simply answer a few questions and find out if you qualify for Australian immigration. We give you information regarding the application process, moving, finding a job, and settling in. We also give you the option of connecting with an expert to make the process much simpler and more efficient.

Pursuit caters to all of the aspects of moving to a new home and ensures you focus on only the important parts such as preparing documents, packing up and moving. We ensure you get authentic, reliable help with the rest. Our aim is for you be able to fulfill your dreams in the easiest, most cost-effective way.

Check to see if you are eligible for Australian Skilled Immigration here:

Good luck and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns!

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