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Which occupations offer the best job opportunities in Canada?

If you are thinking of making the big move, you are probably actively searching for job opportunities in Canada. Your days are most likely spent searching multiple websites to find out which occupations hold the most potential. And whether there are enough jobs for immigrants.

Canada, being the 2nd largest country in the world, has a lot of job opportunities- and business opportunities too. Therefore, finding an appropriate job does not have to be a big ordeal.

Whether you are searching for jobs in Toronto or are more inclined towards the province of Quebec, forums are full of people pointing you in different directions. Although there is no need for a job offer for your Express Entry application, it may be useful to see which occupations are getting ITAs. You can also check out which occupations are getting jobs once they arrive in Canada.

These occupations are currently getting ITAs and also have ample job opportunities in Canada.

Jobs Most Popular for ITAs

Job Title
Software engineers and designers      
Information systems analysts and consultants
Computer programmers and interactive media developers  
Financial auditors and accountants
Administrative assistants  
Professional occupations in business management consulting  
Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers  
University professors and lecturers
Other occupations in advertising, marketing, and public relations

The IT and business sectors are dominating the Express Entry pools and the job market. However, each province has its own requirements. The occupations that are getting job offers before moving to Canada (because of a dire labor shortage) are as follows:

  • Software engineers
  • Software designers
  • Cooks *
  • University professors
  • Food service supervisors*
  • Graphic designers *
  • Senior business and communication managers
  • Senior construction and production managers

Professors and engineers getting jobs immediately is more or less expected but the jobs marked with an asterisk are contemporary occupations. Their popularity in the job market shows an interesting trend in the skills that are most demanded in Canada. This clearly shows that there is a need for hospitality workers and those in marketing/designing professions -such as graphic designing.

How important is a Job Opportunity in Canada for Express Entry?

Although there is no need for a job offer, you can definitely get an edge with an extra 50 CRS points if you have one before you move. You can get an extra 200 CRS points if you land a managerial position. Nevertheless, this is not a prerequisite. Once you are in the Express Entry pool, you can actively look for job opportunities in Canada via the Canada Job Bank. If you land an offer while your profile is in the pool, you can always edit it to get you the extra points you need.

However, if you don’t get a job offer while you are applying, don’t fret. In the meantime, you may want to focus on honing your skills to land the best job once you get to Canada. Pursuit’s Immigration Coaches can help you with the whole process- starting from your application to other aspects of the move, including the job search. You can find out more, here.

If you want to check whether you qualify for Express Entry, you can quickly do so, here. If you already have and want to check out Express Entry scores this year to see whether you can anticipate falling into the bracket in the near future, check this article out.

Are these the only job opportunities in Canada?

Absolutely not. Canada is open to all sorts of workers beginning from blue-collar workers to senior managers in different industries. There are jobs in every sector and Express Entry does not have a specific in-demand occupation list. Provincial Nominee programs do. You can learn more about the programs, here.

The jobs listed above, are just currently popular- and honestly, they are popular in every country because of the nature of contemporary businesses and demand.

Hopefully, this article has given you a sense of direction and some basic information. Good luck in your application, contact us for support, remember to follow us on social media!

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